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Dr. Margit Hemetsberger
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icon medical writingMedical & Scientific Writing

Publication Planning, Data Interpretation, Medical & Scientific Writing, and Submission Support – let me provide the all-round carefree package!

My personal experience extends over several therapeutic areas, such as oncology and hematology, nephrology, neurology, and immunology. In addition, I will to dig into any new field to help you get your data published.

I will comply with any guidelines or standard operating procedures your institution may adhere to.

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icon scientific trainingEducational Writing & Scientific Training

Training materials and training sessions – let me train you and your staff!

With my writing experience combined with a certified trainer background, I will develop your educational materials and provide training to your new hires, sales force, RMLs, and other staff.

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icon medical communicationsMedical Communications

Strategic, multi-channel communication of your latest science – let me get your message across!

I offer strategic communication plans and materials for your product and/or therapeutic area and will be able to develop the respective content in close collaboration with your scientific and commercial teams.

I will comply with any guidelines or standard operating procedures your institution may adhere to.

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icon consultancyConsultancy

A diverse background, combined with out-of-the-box thinking – let me take you further!

Do you need an in-depth analysis of the published scientific evidence of a drug or research question?
Do you need an estimate of the market potential of a new drug and its competitive situation?
Or maybe you need a regular update of the literature for a specific topic of interest?
Or you need to fill a temporary gap or are short in resources?

Please ask for a no-obligation discussion.

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Work Samples & References

icon work samplesWork Samples

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Articles published under own name
Pronai W, Neyer U, Barnas U, Wieser C, Jaeger C, Dekic D, Hemetsberger M, Rosenkranz AR.

→ Darbepoetin alfa once every 2 weeks effectively maintained hemoglobin in dialysis patients in an observational study: Austrian cohort of ALTERNATE. Wien Med Wochenschr. 2014 Mar;164(5-6):109-19

Friedl C, Hemetsberger M, Mader J, Fahrleitner-Pammer A, Pieber TR, Rosenkranz AR.

→ Awareness of chronic kidney disease in Austria: a frequently under-recognized clinical picture. Wien Klin Wochenschr. 2013 Jul;125(13-14):362-7

Watschinger B, Salmhofer H, Horn S, Neyer U, Wiesinger T, Wiesholzer M, Erb H, Jaeger C, Hemetsberger M, Rosenkranz AR.

→ The MAINTAIN study-managing hemoglobin variability with darbepoetin alfa in dialysis patients experiencing a severe drop in hemoglobin. Wien Klin Wochenschr. 2013 Feb;125(3-4):71-82

Writing and/or editorial support
Bach V., Schruckmayer G., Sam I., Kemmler G., Stauder R.

Prevalence and possible causes of anemia in the elderly: a cross-sectional analysis of a large European university hospital cohort. Clinical Interventions in Aging, accepted March 30th, 2014

Kunstfeld R.

→ Smoothened inhibitors in the treatment of advanced basal cell carcinomas. Curr Opin Oncol. 2014 Mar;26(2):184-95

Hilbe W, Abacioglu U, Aebersold DM, Bachouchi M, Brodowicz T, Gaafar R, Holzer G, Mohn-Staudner A, Kalev D, Kalinka-Warzocha E, Kovac V, Siano M, Yumuk F, Tamasi L.

→ CECOG experts’ recommendations on the use of denosumab in the prevention of skeletal-related events in bone metastases of lung cancer. memo – Magazine of European Medical Oncology 2013;2:75-82

Anghel R, Bachmann A, Bekşac M, Brodowicz T, Finek J, Komadina R, Krzemieniecki K, Lang I, Marencak J, von Moos R, Pecherstorfer M, Rordorf T, Vrbanec D, Zielinski C.

→ Expert opinion 2011 on the use of new anti-resorptive agents in the prevention of skeletal-related events in metastatic bone disease. Wien Klin Wochenschr. 2013 Aug;125(15-16):439-47

Hitz F, Ribi K, Li Q, Klingbiel D, Cerny T, Koeberle D.

→ Predictors of satisfaction with treatment decision, decision-making preferences, and main treatment goals in patients with advanced cancer. Support Care Cancer. 2013 Nov;21(11):3085-93

Valentiny C, Mitrovic M, Pleyer L, Steurer M, Willenbacher W, Stauder R.

→ Complete remission after a single cycle of azacitidine in a case of relapsed acute myeloid leukemia. Wien Klin Wochenschr. 2013 Jan;125(1-2):50-3

Wieser C, Rosenkranz AR.

→ Pure red cell aplasia after treatment of renal anaemia with epoetin theta. Clin Kidney J 2013;6(5):539-542

Eisterer W, Hussl C, Erb H, Haslbauer F, Sormann S, Braun S, Jaeger C.

→ RETRA: evaluating the transfusion rate with darbepoetin alfa 500 µg every 3 weeks in anaemic cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Curr Med Res Opin 2011;27(2):355-63

Zitt E, Jäger C, Rosenkranz AR, Eigner M, Kodras K, Kovarik J, Graf H, Pétavy F, Horn S, Watschinger B.

→ Effective use of cinacalcet for the treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism in Austrian dialysis patients - Results of the Austrian cohort of the ECHO study. Wien Klin Wochenschr 2011;123(1-2):45-52

Commissioned articles
Advisory Board Report, Amgen GmbH, Vienna, Austria

→ Knochenveränderungen beim nephrologischen Patienten: Diagnose und Therapie mit Fokus auf Cinacalcet, Nephro-News 1/12, print edition

Medical communications
Influenza vaccination campaign, Federal Office of Public Health, Berne, Switzerland

→ Grippe? Impfen macht Sinn. Eine Information für Fachpersonen im Gesundheitswesen.

→ Antworten auf häufig gestellte Fragen zur saisonalen Grippe

→ Nationale Grippepräventionskampagne 2001–2007. Entwicklungsverlauf der Durchimpfung der Personen ab 65 Jahre

→ Nationale Strategie zur Grippeimpfpromotion 2008–2012

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C. Hametner, M. Hemetsberger, M. Treu, K. Mereiter, U. Jordis, J. Fröhlich.

Addition of nucleophiles to immonium galanthamines. European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2005:2:404 - 409.

M. Hemetsberger, M. Treu, C. Hametner, U. Jordis, K. Mereiter, J. Fröhlich.

1,3-Dipolar cycloaddition reactions to galanthamine nitrone: An entry to 4a,5,9,10-tetrahydro-6H,14aH-benzofuro[3a,3,2-ef]isoxazolo[3,2-a][2]benzazepines. Heterocycles 2004;63(10):2217 - 2224.

M. Hemetsberger, M. Treu, U. Jordis, K. Mereiter, C. Hametner, J. Fröhlich.

1-Methylgalanthamine Derivates. Monatshefte für Chemie/Chemical Monthly 2004;135(10):1275 - 1287.

Abstracts, oral and poster presentations
J. Fröhlich, U. Jordis, M. Hemetsberger, L. Czollner, B. Küenburg.

Galanthamine, an Amaryllidaceae Alkaloid for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Desease: Technical Synthesis, Novel Active Derivates Therof and Structure Activity Studies. Oral presentation at the Eleventh FECHEM Conference on Hetreocycles in Bio-organic Chemistry, Sitges (Barcelona), Spain; 09.06.2002 - 12.06.2002; abstract published in: Eleventh FECHEM Conference on Hetreocycles in Bio-organic Chemistry 2002, pp.18 - 19.

J. Fröhlich, U. Jordis, M. Hemetsberger, L. Czollner, B. Küenburg.

The Galanthamine Story: from Milligrams to Kilograms - from the Natural Compound to New Lead Structures for Alzheimer Treatment. Oral presentation at the 1st International SPECS and BioSPECS Symposium, Delft, Niederlande; 18.09.2002 - 21.09.2002; abstract published in: The 1st International SPECS and BioSPECS Symposium 2002, pp. 30 - 32.

J. Fröhlich, U. Jordis, M. Hemetsberger, M. Treu, B. Küenburg.

The Synthesis of Galanthamine, an Alzheimer Drug, and Novel Rescaffolding Derivatives thereof. Oral presentation at the 9th Ibn Sina International Conference On Pure and Applied Heterocyclic Chemistry, Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt (invited); 11.12.2004 - 14.12.2004; abstract published in: 9th ISCHC - Book of Abstracts 2004.

J. Fröhlich, U. Jordis, M. Hemetsberger, L. Czollner, B. Küenburg.

A Novel Alzheimer Therapeutic: Galanthamine, An Amaryllidaceae Alkaloid - Its Technical Synthesis And Novel Derivatives. Oral presentation at the 4th National Meeting of Organic Chemistry, Coimbra, Portugal; 26.09.2001 - 28.09.2001.

PhD Thesis
M. Hemetsberger.

Synthese neuer substituierter und anellierter Galanthaminderivate. 1999

icon referencesReferences

icon testimonialsTestimonials

"Dr Margit Hemetsberger is a most reliable and my preferred partner in developing scientific abstracts, posters and manuscripts. Additional services include the coordination of approval processes, writing summaries and flash reports, as well as providing training for new staff, and Medical Information/Communication services. What makes working with her so easy is the high quality she delivers – reliably and on time."

Christine Jäger, Medical Leader, Amgen (Austria) GmbH

"Dr. Margit Hemetsberger is a most competent partner in supporting our company with either medical writing support, coordinating clinical study publications or delivering high quality medical trainings. We are always very satisfied with her work that is delivered on time and are looking forward for our next projects we will execute together."

Erich Durchschlag, Medical Leader, Amgen (Austria) GmbH

"Margit has extremely successfully managed complex international medical communications projects, such as major stand alone educational events on complex topics in nephrology, satellite symposia at major European Medical conferences, and generation of impactful slide decks and other tools for regional medical liaisons. Both scientific quality and managerial execution were impressive. I can highly recommend Margit for projects requiring analytical skills and scientific expertise. She is great in translating complex data into key conclusions and messages."

Martin Wright, PhD, Director, Head Medical Communication and Medical Information, Amgen (Europe) GmbH

"Margit is a dedicated and determined project manager who ensures the project gets done to a high degree of quality. She also has a wonderful writing style. Her thoughtful and analytical approach to her colleagues and customers makes her an excellent communicator by bringing about full engagement in scientific, as well as, practical issues."

Carolyn Heath, Associate Counsel, Amgen (Europe) GmbH

Reviewer Comments

[…] Based on the fact that this was a non-interventional study the data are presented in adequate detail and clarity and the interpretation is cautious. Hence I do not have any suggestions for improvement […]

Experience & Skills

icon BackgroundBackground

As a PhD in organic chemistry, I have a solid background in the natural sciences and have done research of my own. My job history has taken me through various stages of drug development and through different science communication jobs.

My skills have been developed during 15 years of working for universities, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, the Swiss health authorities, and as a freelancer. I have also co-founded a pharma-start-up.

My personal experience extends over several scientific areas, such as oncology and hematology, nephrology, neurology, immunology, chemistry, veterinary medicine, and technical skills, such as papers, patents, protocols, training, competitive intelligence, public health.

I’ll be happy to dig into any new field!

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icon LanguagesLanguages


A network of experienced colleagues is available to meet your special demands. Additional medical writers can be brought in for projects that are too big for one. An english native speaker will edit texts upon request. A graphic designer is available to provide graphics, layout and print.

Dr. Eva Müller, Scientific Writer

Eva Müller is a Ph.D. biologist with many years of practical experience in scientific research and scientific writing. Today she works as a freelance science writer and writes publications, research and project reports for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as for research institutes. In addition, she teaches scientific writing at national and international universities, research centers, and hospitals and individually coaches scientists in writing scientific publications.

Julia Balfour BSc (Hons), MR Pharm S, Freelance Medical Writer/Consultant

Originally trained as a hospital pharmacist in Edinburgh, UK; 20+ years’ experience in UK, Switzerland, New Zealand and Australia as a medical writer with publications group (Adis International), pharma industry and freelance; >50 publications under own name in PubMed. Native English speaker, since 2007 providing high-quality medical writing and editing services directly to a group of clients that includes academic research groups, health economics specialists and pharma industry.

Mag. Ulrike Posch, Scientific Author

First class microbiology degree at the University of Innsbruck with a special focus on biochemistry and immunology. Several months project work at the Institute for Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, as well as a two-year scientific assignment at the Institute for Hygiene and Social Medicine at the University of Innsbruck, provided me with a thorough understanding of analytical processes, method development, cell culture techniques and BSL-3-HIV-laboratory. It also provided me with a thorough training in scientific work processes and science writing. 2002 Graduation with honors. Professional experience within the pharmaceutical industry included GLP/GMP for pharmaceutical product development, as well as customer support as a product specialist for the pharmaceutical sales force. Freelancing scientific writer since 2008. Relevant further training at CfPIE (Berlin) and KKS (University of Innsbruck), amongst others, have further solidified the writing expertise already gained by working as a professional science writer within a multitude of different scientific and medical areas.

Maria Weinhofer, Graphic Designer

Self-employed graphic designer, webdesigner and illustrator since 2007. Main focus on ecologically friendly graphic design.
Logo & Corporate Design, brochures, flyers, posters, calendars, websites, illustrations, etc

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